Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Checks from £130 + VAT

Why bring your vehicle to Channel Commercials?

  • Bi-annual Re-gas & Deodorise, Recharge and Repair
  • Experienced, Highly Trained Technicians
  • Improved Engine Efficiency and Optimum Fuel Economy
  • Reduced Pollution
  • Greater Filtration of Dust and Pollen
  • Leak Testing and Fault Diagnosis
  • Odour and Bad Smell Removal
  • Trust, Knowledge and Expertise.

Please note, this service is available at our Ashford, Sevenoaks and Strood Depots in Kent.

Did you know...

Air Conditioning should be left switched on all year round to reduce the chances of unpleasant odours and to maintain the operating efficiency of the system.

Ineffective air conditioning can reduce visibility (a major contributor to road accidents) due to high humidity.

Poorly operating air conditioning increases fuel consumption.

Bacterial growth in your air conditioning can cause bad smells, poor air quality and a whole range of potential allergens that could damage your health or the health of your staff.

Vehicle air conditioning should be serviced every two to four years dependant on mileage to protect the driver and the vehicle.