Vehicle Safety & Security

The Safety and Security of your Vehicles is Essential for every business

At Channel Commercials, we can recommend, supply and install a vast range of safety and security equipment to suit your vehicle, business and budget. From amber beacon bars and strobes, to fuel anti-syphon devices, reversing cameras, alarms and tracker systems, we can supply and install a host of equipment.​​

  • CROSS RAIL COMPLIANCE: Channel Commercials can make sure your vehicle is compliant to Cross Rail specification.
  • FORS OPTIONS: We work with businesses within the Fleet Oprator Recognition Scheme to ensure vehicles meet the FORS standards.
  • VEHICLE LIGHTING: From beacons, strobes and light bars, to LED marker lamps, work lamps and trailer boards, Channel Commercials offers a huge choice in commercial vehicle lighting solutions and installations.
  • REVERSING AND BLINDSPOT AIDS: From cameras, bleepers, rear vision and proximity systems, to mirrors and recordable systems, our choice of reversing and blindspot equipment for your truck or van will help minimise the risk of accidents and keep your commercial vehicle compliant with safety legislation.
  • BESPOKE UNDER RUN SYSTEMS: Channel Commercials can provide bespoke under run systems in both aluminium and steel for any commercial vehicle. All under run systems provided by Channel Commercials are compliant to current VOSA standards and regulations.
  • FIRE EXTINGUISHERS AND BOXES: We can provide fire extinguishers and boxes which meet the latest safety regulations for your specific commercial vehicle.
  • THROTTLE OFF SYSTEMS: These systems can be implemented to aid throttle damping and control in order to slow the revs on heavier commercial vehicles.
  • ALARM AND IMMOBILISER SYSTEMS: Our Scorpion alarm-trained technicians can install Thatcham-approved vehicle security systems to all types of commercial vehicle.
  • TRACKER STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERY SYSTEMS: At Channel Commercials, we can supply and fit the full range of TRACKER systems available, including TRACKER Monitor and TRACKER Locate for stolen vehicle recovery solutions, and can advise you on the best vehicle security system for your business.
  • FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS & TELEMATICS: From TRACKER Plant and TRACKER Report and Horizon, to MiX Telematics and TomTom, we can find the best fleet management tools to suit your business requirements.
  • FUEL ANTI-SYPHON: This anti-theft system can be installed by Channel Commercials for added security to prevent diesel theft.
  • DOOR LOCK DEAD BOLTS: This secondary door locking system and anti-theft device can be added to all vehicles for additional security.

For further information on our safety and security equipment and services, please contact us by completing the form above.