Custom Vinyl Printing, Safety Stickers & Logos

Bespoke vinyl printing and safety stickers and signage for your vehicles, equipment and workplace

Channel Commercials can print, supply and fit a wide range of vinyl safety stickers required for your vehicles, equipment and workplace.

From internal stickers for the driver/passengers to external decals for public awareness and social distancing, we can supply a whole range of transport, vehicle and office or workplace safety signage.

site safety sign
safety signs
site safety sign

Examples may include:

  • Social Distancing awareness signs and stickers.
  • Hygiene and washroom stickers
  • Directional/One-way Floor/Wall arrows
  • Seat belt stickers
  • Maximum height vehicle stickers
  • Cyclists beware vehicle stickers
  • 'How's my Driving' vehicle stickers
  • School Bus stickers and reflective stickers
  • Long vehicle stickers and reflective stickers
  • 'Can't see my Mirrors' haulage stickers
  • Pedestrian warning vehicle safety sticker - 'WARNING - Do not walk close to this vehicle at any time'
  • Petrol/Diesel stickers
  • Disabled sticker
  • Disabled access sticker
  • Learner L plate sticker / New Driver stickers
  • 'No tools left in this vehicle overnight' stickers
  • LPG sticker
  • GB / NI / GB Euro stickers
  • DSA approved stickers
  • Caution horses on board / horses in transit stickers
  • Custom PSI / BAR tyre pressure stickers
  • Heavy vehicle braking stickers
  • Emergency exit / in emergency break glass / pull handle to open stickers
  • Water / Oil stickers
  • ...and many more!

Magnetic options are also available for many of the stickers listed above.

Whether you have specific signage, stickers or logos in mind, or need bespoke stickers designed and printed for your business, our experienced designers and signwriters can advise and quote for your specific requirements.

Please contact us today for all of your custom vinyl signs and safety stickers