Rail Industry Qualifications & Accreditations

Channel Commercials PLC work in conjunction with Network Rail's newly formed ESPA, whilst being proactive and heavily involved with current working groups within the Network Rail NCB (National Certification Board). Channel Commercials is also a member of the PWF (Private Wagon Federation).

Comprehensive training and competence assessment of specialised personnel has resulted in Channel Commercials successfully meeting the requirements of audits to railway Group standard GM/RT2450 as well as attaining RISQS accreditation. ​​

Qualifications include:

  • GM/RT2450 Safety Critical Suppliers
  • RISQS Accredited Supplier No. 94822
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ECM ORR - Entity in Charge of Maintenance
  • PWF Membership
  • FTA Membership

All of our accreditations have been awarded via external audits of our Management and Safety Systems.

Our high standard of mechanical expertise is delivered by our technicians. All of our technicians have been trained and assessed  to work to a preventative maintenance ethos and not a corrective one.

With our strong engineering skills and customer-based 'Can Do' philosophy, we believe that with our existing accrediatations and those we are striving for, we can offer our customers a level of professionalism and reliability within a world of ever changing Health, Safety and Environmental procedures.

For further information on any of our qualifications or accreditations please do not hesitate to contact us.